Comprehensive Oral Exam for Kids & Children in Hackensack NJ 

Comprehensive Oral Exam One of the most important aspects of a child’s routine health is oral hygiene. A comprehensive oral exam will assess its needs and whether any treatment is necessary. As dentists, we make sure that brushing and flossing are fun for children to learn on their own by teaching them good habits at …

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pediatric dentistry

Gentle Kids Dentist Near Me, Hackensack NJ

A child’s first dental appointment is typically very short, brief and informal. It will give the dentist a chance to get to know your little one, establish rapport with them and make sure they are at ease in the office setting.  The checkup may also be done depending on how comfortable your child is feeling …

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Welcome to your Pediatric Dentists in Hackensack

Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontist in Hackensack, NJ Enter SmileKidz Fun Zone We understand kids and know how to make dental visits fun, but also relaxing. That’s why we created a fun zone just for kids! The waiting area has tons of toys, games, prizes and their favorite tv shows playing! r Decades of combined pediatric …

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white fillings

White Fillings for Kids & Children in Hackensack NJ

Composite Fillings – White Tooth Fillings for Kids  Composite fillings are tooth colored and closely match the color of our teeth. They are also used on molars or other chewing surfaces, as long as they’re relatively small. Silver fillings may be recommended in larger areas, but composite can work to restore teeth that have been …

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