Emergency Pediatric Dentist Near Me in Hackensack

When your child’s dental health is at risk, you can count on us for
help. We offer emergency pediatric dentistry to children in “Hackensack” and
surrounding area.

In the event of an emergency, reach us at (201) 870-0988.

When to call an emergency pediatric dentist

An emergency pediatric dentist will handle dental emergencies that
happen to your child. Here are some of them:

Knocked-out permanent tooth

Your child falls and knocks out a permanent tooth, what should you
do? Remain calm and try to locate the knocked-out tooth. If you can find
it, hold it by the crown, not the root, and put it in milk. If your
child is bleeding, ask them to gargle with water as you call your
emergency pediatric dentist. If your child complains of pain, apply a
cold or warm compress on your way to the dentist.

Chipped or broken tooth

A chip or break requires immediate evaluation even if it’s on a baby
tooth. Bacteria can make their way to the root of the tooth through the
crack and cause serious complications. Baby teeth also need dental care
until they are naturally shed.

Bitten tongue, lip, or cheek

This is common in younger children. They bite their tongue, lip, or
cheek as they start exploring with their mouths. These bites can be very
uncomfortable and may cause bleeding and swelling. If your child gets
such an injury, call your emergency pediatric dentist to help them
relieve pain and resume normal eating.

Fractured jaw

Accidents can cause jaw breakage. Mild fractures can heal on their
own but deep fractures need emergency examination. Any trauma to the jaw
must be evaluated by your dentist. Do not assume it will go away on its

We advise parents to take dental injuries seriously and not rule them
out. If your child still has baby teeth, preserve them well until they
are naturally shed. If your child has permanent teeth, be extra careful.
For both situations, teach your child proper dental hygiene, take them
to the dentist regularly, and be ready for any emergencies. If your
child has a dental emergency call our emergency pediatric dentists at
(201) 870-0988.