Orthodontic Treatments in Hackensack

Orthodontic Treatments

There are several options when it comes to orthodontic treatments.
Treatments are administered according to the problem you have and
whether it is mild, moderate, or severe. Orthodontic treatments are
meant to straighten your teeth.

Common Orthodontic Treatments

Here are the most common orthodontic treatments:

  1. Orthodontic Dental Appliances

Orthodontists use dental appliances to correct the position of your

The 4 main types of dental appliances are:

Fixed braces – These are braces made of brackets that are
attached to your teeth and linked with wires. They are fixed securely
and you can’t remove them on your own. Most fixed braces are made of
metal. The braces and wires are usually noticeable. If you are using
fixed braces, you have to avoid certain foods and drinks as advised by
your orthodontist.

Removable braces – Due to the limitations of fixed braces,
dental technology developed removable appliances. These are usually
plastic plates that cover the roof of the mouth and clip onto some
teeth, and these can only be used to achieve limited tooth movements.
Removable braces are sometimes used on children to help them control
destructive habits such as thumb-sucking.

Functional appliances – These are usually a pair of removable
plastic braces that are joined together or designed to interact together
to correct teeth positions on the upper and lower jaw. They can be taken
out for cleaning or when eating.

Headgear – Headgear is used to keep your back teeth in
position while your front teeth are being treated. Headgear is usually
worn at night because you can’t eat with your headgear on.

  1. Teeth Extraction

Teeth extraction can be considered an orthodontic treatment if the
affected tooth or teeth is causing crowdedness in the mouth. Sometimes,
a person has extra teeth and this causes a strain on the jaw. These
teeth may be extracted.

If a patient has impacted teeth (teeth that failed to emerge
properly), extraction may be the best way to relieve the patient of
mouth pain and discomfort.

Remember to take good care of your mouth. If you are using dental
appliances for orthodontic purposes, follow the instructions. To get
more information about orthodontic treatment, or kick start your
orthodontic treatment journey, give us a call.