Pediatric Dentist for Anxious Kids in Hackensack

Pediatric Dentist for Anxious Children Near Me

Does your child have dental anxiety? He/she is not alone. According
to the World Health Organization (WHO), dental anxiety is a real
concern, with at least 20% of the population being afraid of the

That said, dental care is crucial for your child, and his/her anxiety
should not stop you from visiting a pediatric dentist near you.

Does my child need a pediatric dentist for anxious

Dental anxiety is the nervousness that your child shows whenever you
mention a visit to the dentist.

Some of the signs they’ll show include:

Before the appointment

  • Your child will attempt to convince you to drop the

  • If they have a dental problem, they’ll hide it and pretend
    everything is okay.

  • They’ll be sad and tearful when you mention the approaching

  • They’ll have trouble sleeping on the night before the

During the appointment

  • They’ll sweat a lot and you may feel their hands

  • Your child might cry and resist entering the dental

  • In cases of severe dental phobia, your child might

Here’s how to help your child

Find a suitable dentist

If you know your child has dental anxiety, don’t take them to a
regular dentist. Make sure you take them to a pediatric dentist
for anxious children
. This is important because this specific
dentist knows how to handle your child. They’ll allow things like toys
and music into the dental room. They can even play video games with your
child to relax them.

Offer rewards for every dental visit

Encourage your child to visit the dentist by offering rewards.
Children love gifts, offer them small gifts that they love most.

Stop “dental threats”

An example of a dental threat that parents use often to encourage
their children to brush their teeth is something like “if you don’t
brush your teeth, the dentist will have to take them out.”
ments make your child think that a dentist is a bad person and that
dental visits are a form of punishment.

Dental anxiety, if not managed, can affect the oral health of your
child into adulthood. Visiting a dentist only when your child has a
problem can increase their anxiety. Schedule regular checkup
appointments with a pediatric dentist twice a year. Call us to find a
pediatric dentist for anxious children.