Ceramic (Clear) Braces

Ceramic braces are made from a substance called polycrystalline alumina that can match the natural color of teeth. The archwires used to connect the individual brackets come in various colors, another plus for kids. It’s amazing to think that children and teens are actually excited to get braces, but they love to match the color of their braces’ rubber bands with their clothing.

Ceramic braces also use clear or white rubber bands that blend in with teeth for a more traditional appearance. If young people need tooth correction for a long period of time, parents may want to choose ceramic braces over Invisalign clear aligners. Parents should check with their dental insurance to see if ceramic braces are covered. Just like with traditional metal braces, kids will need to brush and floss when they have ceramic braces.

If your child needs braces, please call our office at 201-870-0988 to make an appointment. We can check to see if your child is a good candidate for ceramic braces. We will explain all of the options. Your child may even know a few things about ceramic braces.

For more information about Ceramic (Clear) Braces in Hackensack, please request an appointment.