IV Dental Sedation

Children can get understandably worried or scared when they need a dental procedure such as a root canal, extraction, or oral surgery.

Before a child receives IV dental sedation, their health history will be taken by a pediatric dentist to make sure it is appropriate for the child. Parents always have a chance to ask questions about the procedure and sedation. After all those questions are answered, the parent will be asked to sign consent forms.

On the day of the dental procedure, the child will be distracted with toys and/or video games while an IV is placed in the child’s arm and sedation medication flows in through the IV. A continuous flow of medication is used during the dental procedure. The child will still receive numbing medication in the area of the procedure.

While the dentist, or oral surgeon, performs the procedure, a second dental professional will be monitoring the child's heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation.

At the end of the dental treatment, the IV dental sedation is turned off, and the IV is removed as the child begins to awaken. The child will likely feel refreshed and have little memory of the appointment.

If your child needs a complex dental procedure, an IV dental sedation may be the perfect answer. Please call our office at 201-870-0988 and make an appointment with the dentist. He will go over all the options to keep your child comfortable. We are kid-friendly and ready to help.

For more information about IV Dental Sedation in Hackensack, please request an appointment.