Gold Braces

Most parents want their children to have a beautiful smile. Braces are a proven way to have a healthy mouth by fixing misaligned teeth. Braces slowly move teeth to their proper positions with a constant and gentle force.

However, children may be resistant to the idea of wearing braces, especially image conscious teens. Visions of traditional metal braces may make them wince. Fortunately, adults and children have a wide selection of braces.

Gold braces can actually add some style to smiles. They work just like traditional stainless-steel braces. Many kids feel like gold brackets and wires make them look cooler. It may surprise people to learn that gold braces are actually made of stainless steel. The brackets and wiring are coated with a thin layer of gold, also known as gold plating.

Besides looking good, a big reason that some children wear gold braces is an allergy to nickel, which is found in stainless-steel traditional braces. The gold plating allows children to get their teeth straightened without fearing an allergic reaction.

If your child needs braces, or you suspect they do, please call our office at 201-870-0988 to make an appointment. We can examine your child, and give you the best options for their orthodontic care. Don’t put this off for another day. Get your kids started with straighter and healthier teeth.

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