Pulp Therapy

The pulp is found at the center of each tooth. The pulp includes tissue, nerves and blood vessels that provide the tooth with oxygen and nutrients.

Tooth decay or a serious injury can lead to a damaged pulp. When this happens, there can be severe pain and swelling.

Pediatric dentists use pulp therapy (also known as a root canal) to treat, restore, and save the tooth. Pediatric dentists perform pulp therapy on both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

Though baby teeth will eventually fall out, they are still needed for speech, chewing, and the alignment of permanent teeth.

extreme sensitivity to warm and cold, redness or swelling around a tooth, and unexpected looseness of a tooth. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, please call 201-870-0988 to make an appointment with the dentist. He will examine the tooth and gums, and take X-rays before making a recommendation for pulp therapy. Call today. Do not let the situation get worse. For more information about Pulp Therapy in Hackensack, please request an appointment.